A total of 8,027 m2 is taken by cement producing and storing. Mill’s unit 1, 2 and 3 take up a total of 2,337 m2.

While the clinker silo, clinker shed, and 4 cement silos cover 5,690 m2



PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) &
SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition):

  • PLC for Unit #1: SIEMENS S7-400
  • PLC for Unit #2: MODICON Telemechanique


Closed circuit fully automated production process capacity of 6000 MT per day,
raw material storage capacity of 70,000 MT, slag dryer technology, pneumatic fly
ash unloading system, different cement silos for different finished products with total storage capacity of 10,000MT


Seven Rings Cement prides itself in providing quality cement, with two extensive laboratories and advanced testing procedures; the brand is able to maintain consistent quality and performance standards.

SCBL has two sections for quality control – one for cement testing and another is for concrete testing. The testing labs are equipped with all essential and up-to-date equipment. Cement tests are executed on an hourly basis over the course of a day (24 hours). The cement is collected during production and delivery process. The cement tests are also executed from BUET once in 30 days. All equipments and instruments of Lab are calibrated from BUET and follow the BSTI regulations.